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Automatically update your CV on LinkedIn with TeX and GitLab

Motivation Being an undergraduate, my CV changes frequently as I progress through my degree and new Internship opportunities appear, leaving me with the need to update my CV on LinkedIn and other platforms. With my interest in programming and computers this task feels repetitive and unnecessary. This is even more evident when taking into account that LaTeX is easily compiled and that GitLab offers great deployment tools that run, for free, on their servers.
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National Encounter of Physics Students

ENEF ENEF, the (Portuguese) Nacional Encounter of Physics Students, is a yearly conference for physics students by physics students which aims to promote and present the work and investigation of students within the physical sciences field as well as opportunities from both Academia and Industry. The 3-days event is organized by Physis, the Portuguese Association of Physics Students, and this year it took place at the University of Coimbra, whose physics department helped with the organization.
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Academic Notes ‘database’

Motivation When it comes to University classes, being able to organize the information provided is an essential aspect. I, for example, can only work in an efficient manner once I’ve found the right sources of information to study from. However, this process is sometimes more time consuming than it’s worth. As of the time of writing there are 4 note banks directly connected to my course and they are, without taking into account note banks from other Universities.
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